Kyle In Spain
La Coruna, Spain

Local Time:

Check Time in La Coruna

Due to family health issues and two hurricanes in New Orleans, I must delay my move to Spain.  It won't be 2008 and may not be in 2009, but I WILL eventually get there.  Stay tuned.
Jan 30-Feb 6, 2008, I went to La Coruna to find a neighborhood to live and to open a bank account.  Both goals accomplished. I am interested in three areas and have the contact names of "real estate agents."  See pictures of my trip in the "Photos" section.
Jun 3-7, 2008, at the end of our Med cruise, we landed in Barcelona.  Cookie and friends went home and I flew to LaCoruna.  I was to sign a lease on a great apartment on Friday, but the night before, my father called informing me of health issues.  I now have to delay my move.  But family is more important so I will patiently wait.  Stay tuned.
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